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Jackson Rr1t Black


This is a Jackson USA Select Series RR1T Randy Rhoads Guitar in Black. Jackson Randy Rhoads Guitars are light weight and built for speed. CMC Guitars.

This young master metal shredder never lived to see the mass production of this Jackson Rr1t Black, but he helped design and approved the prototype. Equipped with Screamin Seymour Duncan humbuckers open SH2 neck and TB4 at the bridge and an original Floyd Rose tremolo double locking original.

This Jackson Rr1t Black is crafted specifically for the type of sonic pyrotechnics inimitable made famous namesake . Famous shark fin mother-of-pearl inlays adorn Jackson jumped compound radius ebony handle mounted on a maple on ultrafast area through the body carved alder. Mother of pearl logo Jackson adds a touch of class to the related doll.key compound-radius curves Jackson more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out to approach the articulation of the neck turns to low action without fretting out. With a more relaxed hand, you’ll play better!

Jackson Rr1t Black Randy re-crafted the next prototype because he felt the shape of the Concorde was not distinctive enough of the traditional flying V. His solution was to extend up ‘horn’ of the instrument of so that the body bore more resemblance to the end of a shark.