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Fender Concorde Guitar

This review is for a Fender Concord Guitar, made in Korea 1988(?), body of laminated nato wood, laminated spruce top, gloss finish, no cutaway. It has a mahogany neck w/Strat-style headstock, a neat feature. It appears to have Fender/Schaller sealed tuners like a Standard Strat, medium frets, no electronics. It’s a decent-looking box, all in all, and will always draw comments due to its unusual (for an acoustic) headstock.
Action, Fit, & Finish:
The guitar really belongs to my youngest sis, but it’s been a “guest” at my place many times for re-stringing, repairs, etc. I’ve adjusted the neck and bridge a couple of times for her to get the action down decent, so it’s now a nice-playing guitar. I’ve noticed no glaring flaws; however, it was bought used and has some dings & scratches. The tuners on it work as well as any non-locking types you’ll find anywhere, even Grovers. The fretwork on it is above average.
Sound Quality:
Actually sounds very good for a laminated-construction acoustic. The trebles & mids are quite clear and ringing, the bass notes are OK but nothing to crow about. I have a $60 Rogue RA-100D acoustic “beater” that sounds more gutsy on the bass end, and it’s also laminated construction. For flatpicking or strumming, though, the Concord has all the warm, clear sound most players would need with PLENTY of volume! As another reviewer also noted, it’s not a great fingerstyle rig-just too bulky, and the frets and nut width just aren’t right for it. After I finish working on it, I enjoy putting it through its paces with some fast flatpicking, and really enjoy its sound, especially with a new set of Martin SP lights installed.
This thing seems solid enough to withstand an F-16 bombing raid. Fender’s people over in the Orient obviously knew how to build guitars, and the finish is quite rugged too, if nearly 20 years of less-than-careful handling are any criteria. I wouldn’t hesitate to take it out camping, or on any stage without backup. All its hardware is good quality.