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Jackson Concorde Copy

Jackson honors one of metal’s most celebrated guitarists with the Jackson Concorde Copy. This beauty is an exact replica of the guitar Randy used during the Blizzard of Ozzyears, all the way down to the black duct tape on the back of the guitar (legend has it that Randy covered the back of his Jackson so the the guitar couldn’t be seen onstage in its guitar stand when the house lights were down). The Jackson Custom Shop Randy Rhoads Tribute Concorde is decked out with everything Randy’s original guitar had on it, including all the wear and tear. It ships in a custom stenciled vintage Anvil case, along with an image of Randy Rhoads playing the original guitar; a copy of the Premier Guitar review of the guitar; a photo of Delores Rhoads, Mike Shannon, Chip Ellis, and the original guitar; and a certificate signed by Delores Rhoads, Mike Shannon, Chip Ellis. This is the must-have guitar for any serious Randy Rhoads fan. Call today and get your hands on the Jackson Custom Shop Randy Rhoads Tribute Concorde!