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Jackson Concorde For Sale

In collaboration with the Rhoads family, the Jackson Custom Shop will build 60 exact replicas of the first Randy Rhoads Jackson, often referred to as the Concorde. This guitar is 1 of just 60 made worldwide and only 30 of those are earmarked for the USA! Serial #666 includes: Signed Certificate by Delores Rhoads, Mike Shannon & Chip Ellis, Photo of the Delores Rhoads with Mike Shannon & Chip Ellis and the original guitar, Copy of the Guitar Aficionado review, Randy Rhoads live image with the original guitar and a Custom stenciled vintage Anvil flight case. This is a true collectors guitar and with the serial number being 666, it may not get any cooler than this!

When you buy from me you’ll get free shipping anywhere in the USA, you’ll pay no sales tax if you’re outside of MA and I can get you 6 months 0% interest financing if you want it. This is THE serial number to own from the entire 30 pieces available for the US market, don’t miss an amazing opportunity!


Give me a email if you’re interested or have any questions,