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2015 Jackson Randy Rhoads Model Rr1t


The Jackson Randy Rhoads is a model of electric guitar, originally commissioned by guitarist  The RR1 is made of alder with a maple neck-thru design neck.

This 2015 Jackson Randy Rhoads Model Rr1t solid body Jackson Rhoads Select Series RR1T brings you the style, tone, and ultra-fast gameplay of a design of the legendary guitar! Following in the footsteps of Randy Rhoads original the first product Jackson, the Select Series RR1T Rhoads has a design “V” of the body typically aggressive, with a handle fast and comfortable maple that is topped with a rosewood ebony.

2015 Jackson Randy Rhoads Model Rr1t also includes black hardware, construction string-thru-body, and two humbucking pickups Seymour Duncan with great force. Jackson uses premium Seymour Duncan ample output microphones so you can make the most of your amp. When you want to make a statement on stage or in the studio, make RR1T Rhoads! Def Leppard Phil Collen and Rick Savage James Root of Slipknot and Stone Sour and Sepultura Derrick Green to name a few, some of Ax-slingers most formidable in the rock have used Jackson guitars to generate their fire to Fireworks ideogram for good reason!

The 2015 Jackson Randy Rhoads Model Rr1t is very clear and clean on the high end, while continuing to moderately thick with neck put it has no heavy turbidity of a Les Paul, of course, but that is not really planned on a RR anyhow.