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Randy Rhoads Concorde Guitar For Sale

Karl Sandovalis known as a luthier. He’s famous for building Karl Sandoval polka dot flying V guitars, along with his work for George Lynch (Dokken) and Eddie Van Halen during the 1980s. Sandoval commenced his guitar career from doing the job at Fender in the 1970s. Then he shifted to doing work at Charvels Guitar Custom Shop in Covina, California, where luthier Wayne Charvel showed Sandoval the fundamentals of guitar repair and construction. He soon began his personal business repairing instruments in 1979 and is still in operation today.


Karl Sandoval Polka Dot Flying V is just probably the most well-known electric guitars in rock ‘n roll, ever. The Karl Sandoval polka dot Flying V was built for Randy Rhoads in 1979, just prior to his leaving Quiet Riot to join Ozzy Osbourne. The flying V proceeded to become a rock ‘n roll icon identifying Randys style and innovative guitar performing. It is Randy Rhoads’ most favored guitar, because Randy designed it himself when discussing the custom building it with Karl Sandoval. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the specs of it because it’s been repeated hundreds of times.


On July 3, 1979, Randy visited Karl to make the guitar after finding a custom V that Karl custom built for George Lynch. The Karl Sandoval polka dot flying V guitar was completed on Sept 22, 1979. It is a perfect cooperated instrument that designed by Randy Rhoads and realized by Karl Sandoval. Today, Karl still provides custom built guitars, including the polka dot V, but the musician we loved so much had gone away forever. For Randy Rhoads fans, the Karl Sandoval Polka Dot Flying V is shown as a piece of history that recorded an important part of Randy’s life.